Where to Buy Candied Pecans

If you’re shopping for the holiday season, you may be wondering where to buy candied pecans. For gift giving, or for a healthier sweet treat candied pecans are a great choice. Here’s a guide to shopping online for candied pecans. We’ll provide some guidelines for finding the best quality pecans for your gift giving needs.

Buying Candied Pecans Online

When you’re trying to decide where to buy candied pecans, the internet can be a great help. Online you’ll find great selection, better prices and once you place your order, delivery right to your door or if this is a gift right to the recipient’s door. As you’re shopping for candy coated pecans, spiced pecans or chocolate covered pecans here are a few things to look for:

  • Types of Ingredients Used: The quality of the ingredients used in any recipe will directly impact the finished product. Look for candied pecans that use natural ingredients. Avoid candy pecans with high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavorings if at all possible. While difficult to find, organic pecan candy is simply amazing.
  • Product Reviews: Learning from the experience of others can be a great way to determine which brands are better than others. Read what people are saying about their customer service experience as well as their opinion of the product. Did the pecans ship on time? Did they arrive in good condition? Look for patterns in the reviews. If numerous people comment about the same thing – it’s likely to be true whether good or bad.
  • Merchant type: If you’re looking for high quality candied pecans, buying from a specialty nut store is likely to get you a much higher quality product than buying from a candy wholesaler or from an unknown merchant selling on eBay.
  • Price: Price will vary from company to company. As with all things, you generally get what you pay for. Try to get the highest quality ingredients at the lowest price and you’ll have a winner.

Buying Candied Pecans Locally

Certain stores and specialty shops will carry various types of roasted pecans all year but you will usually find a better selection in months like November and December. Health food markets often have a good selection and they use healthier ingredients. Specialty food stores like gourmet cooking stores should also offer a good variety of spiced or candied pecans. These days things like candied nuts and spiced pecans may be found at regular grocery stores as well, although selection can vary in different geographical areas.

If you have a little time you may consider using the candied pecans recipe on this site and simply buy the ingredients instead. Once you try you will quickly discover how easy it is to learn how to make candied pecans yourself.

Presentation and Storage Tips

When you receive your candied pecans, there is likely to have been some settling due to shipping. If you are preparing a tray for company, be careful not to pour the pecans out of the container as you can end up with broken pieces and pecan dust from the bottom of the container.

For best results when storing pecans, put them in the freezer. They can maintain their quality for up to two years if stored in an airtight container.

Candied pecans make a wonderful gift all year round. Once you know where to buy candied pecans it’s just a matter of placing an order at a regular interval so you always have some on hand.