Spiced Pecans

There’s nothing better than spiced pecans during the holiday season or as a tasty treat during the year. Pecans are naturally cholesterol free and they are a great source of protein and other nutrients, so as a snack they’re hard to beat. Add a spicy candy coating to the natural goodness of pecans and you have a winning combination.

Here’s a few tips on where to find spiced pecans and how to incorporate them into your cooking, along with a few gift giving ideas. You may want to buy or make extra spiced candied pecans! Once your family knows they are in the house you’ll find they vanish quickly.

Where to Find Spiced Pecans

If you are looking to buy candied pecans you’ll find the best selection and the best prices for spicy candied pecans online. Specialty nut stores, or places like Whole Foods, will likely use better ingredients and have a wider variety to choose from.

If you like spending time in the kitchen, spicy candy-coated pecans are also easy to make. There are dozens of easy to follow recipes available online and here is a link to my favorite spiced candied pecans recipe on this site: Candied Pecans Recipe.

Cooking with Spicy Candied Pecans

While spiced pecans or spicy, sugared pecans are wonderful and addictive when eaten alone, they are even better when used in recipes. Consider making a citrus salad with crisp lettuce, dried cranberries, apples, oranges, blue cheese and a zesty citrus dressing then topping the whole thing with regular crumbled candied pecans or spicy candied pecans.

You can crush spiced pecans and roll them around a log of goat cheese to use as an appetizer with crackers. You can also use them in muffin or pancake recipes to add a candied or spicy flavor.

Spiced candied pecans take ordinary cookies and turn them into something amazing. The next time you make chocolate chip cookies, substitute in spicy candied pecans for the walnuts and see what you think.

Spiced Pecans as Gifts

Spiced Pecans as Gifts

Spiced Pecans as Gifts

This holiday season, why not prepare a number of gift bags in advance? As the gift giving season progresses it’s easy to find yourself in a situation where you need a gift at the last minute. A small bag of spicy candied pecans wrapped with a decorative bow makes an excellent hostess gift. They are also great gifts for your mail carrier, UPS driver, hair stylist and other service professionals to whom you’d like to give a small token of appreciation.

To make the gift more personal consider making spiced or candy coated pecans yourself. You can quickly learn how to make candied pecans and if you want you can even adjust a basic spiced pecans recipe to make it your own.

Candied pecans are wonderful treats. Spiced pecans are a great variation that can add a little zip and zest to your day. Whether you make candied pecans yourself or buy them online, you’re sure to find many ways of incorporating them into your gift giving this holiday season.