How to Make Candied Pecans

Whether the holidays are near or you just want a sweet treat, consider learning how to make candied pecans yourself. Of all the candied nuts candied toasted pecans are often a favorite as their naturally mild flavor works well for candied nut recipes. They are ideal for hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, holiday parties, taking your baked goods and salads to a new level, or as a healthier treat to keep around the house.

This article should help you determine the type of candied pecans you’d like to try as well as a few candied pecan recipes. We’ll also give you a few pointers on where to shop for ingredients. If you know how to toast pecans you know half of the process of making candied pecans. The other half is the fun part where you can experiment with different ingredients and flavor combinations.

Types of Candied Pecans

Before you start making candy-coated pecans you will want to decide what type to make. There are many varieties:

  • Sugar coated pecans
  • Spiced candied pecans (spices can vary from cinnamon and nutmeg to hot spices like chili powder)
  • Glazed pecans
  • Maple candied pecans
  • Pecan pralines
Making Candied Pecans

Making Candied Pecans

One way to decide what type you want to make when you’re learning how to make candied pecans is to determine what you have on hand. If you’ve got pecans, sugar or maple syrup you can make candied pecans. For fancier versions you may need egg whites, salt, spices, honey, brown sugar and cream.

Candied Pecans Recipe

If you’re getting started learning how to make candied pecans, there are a few candied pecan recipes you can use to get great results:

Basic Sugared Pecans
Glazed Pecans
Pecan Pralines
Sweet and Spicy Candied Pecans

If you want to experiment with your own candied pecans recipe, there are just a few general principles to follow. First, coat pecans with some form of sugar. You can use brown sugar, white sugar, maple syrup or honey. If you use a granular sugar you will need to find a binder to make it stick. Egg whites work well. Butter also works and the flavor goes very well with pecans. Second, use aluminum foil on a cookie sheet for best results. Third, toast pecans; a temperature of about 325 works well for most candied nut recipes. From these basic guidelines you can modify with spices and other ingredients as you wish.

Finding Quality Ingredients To Make Candied Pecans

The better your ingredients, the better your homemade candied nuts will be. When you purchase nuts, be careful about buying in bulk. Often nuts can stay in bulk storage for long periods of time and may be toward the end of their shelf life. If you can, try purchasing organic nuts that are packaged. Trader Joes for example, offers a great selection of pecan halves at good prices. You can also find great deals on pecan halves on the internet.

If you choose to go with spiced pecans, be sure to use fresh spices if you can. There’s nothing better than fresh ground cinnamon and nutmeg around the holidays. When you’re learning how to make candied pecans, the last thing you want is for your ingredients to get in the way of a superior finished product. Invest in the best and you’ll be amazed at the results.